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Picasa Web Albums on the iPhone

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 7:38 AM

If you've ever picked up an iPhone, you know that it's great for showing off digital photos. iPhones have a high-resolution screen that's big, bright, and crisp, and a first-class web browser that supports complex web technologies like AJAX. Put these two together, and it's probably fair to say that Apple's iPhone offers one of the best platforms for experiencing the mobile version of Picasa Web Albums.

Today, we're happy to tell you about an extra bonus for iPhone users who visit the mobile version of Picasa Web Albums. You'll see that we've completely redesigned and optimized the interface specifically for iPhones. Pictures are proportioned to fit the iPhone's screen dimensions, and we've tweaked the key buttons so they're easier to navigate with your fingertips. Best of all, we've launched a new iPhone-only slideshow feature that automatically flips through your favorite photo albums.

Of course, one underlying advantage of Picasa Web Albums for mobile remains the same on the iPhone as it does on any other Internet-enabled phone: Not only can you take your favorite photos with you anywhere, but you can also use Search and Favorites to browse shared or public photos from friends, family, and the entire Picasa Web Albums community.