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Tune into Picasa Web Albums on Tivo®

Monday, December 3, 2007 12:32 PM

There are plenty of good reasons to share your photos online -- after all, half the fun in taking pictures comes from sharing them with friends and family.

But here's another benefit that hits much closer to home: now you can view Picasa Web Albums on the living room TV using TiVo. In terms of comfort, it's hard to beat a plush sofa and a big-screen TV for browsing your personal photo collection and keeping track of new photo uploads from your friends. You can also search through millions of publicly-shared photos from people around the world.

With Picasa Web Albums on TiVo, you can:

  • securely access your personal photos by signing in to your Picasa Web Albums account
  • quickly find and bookmark publicly-shared photos from your friends
  • show off your photos on the living-room TV, instead of crowding everyone around a computer screen
  • search for keywords like "sunset" or "flowers" and discover images from users all over the world

This new service is available to all TiVo users with Series2 devices or higher using broadband Internet connections. Photos are displayed at the highest-possible resolution for each box, so TiVo Series3™ and TiVo HD subscribers will see their photos in full high-definition. If you're a TiVo subscriber, visit the "Music, Photos, Products & More" screen on your TiVo to give it a spin. To learn more, visit the TiVo website.