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Something for (almost) every phone: Nokia S60 support, new iPhone tap & zoom, Windows Mobile Standard support, and more

Monday, June 9, 2008 7:59 AM

Much as we like sharing photos online, we know that sharing photos with the friend who's right next to you is even better. That's why we launched a high-end mobile version of Picasa Web Albums for the iPhone back in December, followed by a version for Windows Mobile Pro in April. Both platforms make it easy to carry your entire photo collection in your pocket.

Today, we're happy to say that our high-end mobile experience now includes the tens of millions of people around the world using S60 3rd Edition phones -- a panoply of devices that includes all the latest smartphones from Nokia. Here's what our S60 experience looks like:

Of course, sharing photos around the world is easier when you speak the local language, so we're equally proud to announce support for 36 new languages in our mobile interface. (We cheated just a bit: You may notice we've judiciously replaced some text buttons with universal icons.)

We also took this opportunity to refresh and improve our iPhone and Windows Mobile support. Starting today, iPhone users can try our new zoom feature -- just tap the magnifying glass icon. This loads a higher-resolution page, where you can use those wonderful finger gestures for zooming and panning, like so:


And on the Windows Mobile side, we've extended our support to Windows Mobile Standard, making our site accessible to many more users.

To try Picasa Web Albums on your phone, head on over to on your mobile device. And be sure to let us know what you think.