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New: Instant Comment Notification

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 4:56 PM

Photographs are natural conversation-starters. And with online photo albums, the conversation can start the moment somebody comments on one of your photos.

That's why we just launched instant comment notification on Picasa Web -- now, instead of waiting for a daily or weekly digest that summarizes the comments on your photos, you can be informed of your photo activity as it happens. Plus, your friends will hear back as soon as you reply -- so it's easy to keep a good conversation moving along.

Here's how it works: By default, you're automatically subscribed to comments posted on your own photos, and when commenting on a friend's snapshots, you'll have a chance to subscribe to that thread, too. Because we want to make sure we provide timely notifications without overwhelming your Inbox, if you post a photo that's particularly popular, we'll still aggregate comments that are made close together into one mail. You can, of course, always opt-out of comment notifications altogether, or unsubscribe from any comment thread at any time, just by clicking a link in the notification emails we send.

Want to give it a try? Browse through your favorites (or check out some of ours ), leave a comment, and see where the conversation goes...