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Picasa Web Albums Stats

Monday, July 20, 2009 11:45 AM

I took a vacation to Baja Sur a couple months ago, camera in tow. When I got back, I narrowed 500+ shots down to the 50 touched-up photos that I thought really spoke about the trip. I uploaded them to Picasa Web Albums, invited a bunch of friends and family to view and...nothing. After a few Picasa Web Albums comments and a couple email responses, my vacation had been quietly tucked into the shoebox.

How many people actually looked at these photos? Which ones did they like?

I'm happy to announce that Picasa Web Albums now gives you a way to find out. While viewing any photo or video, you can now see how many 'Views' it's received and also how many people liked it.

Views from all sources are included in the 'Views' count: Picasa Web Albums, photos embedded on a third party site, Google Image Search, etc. The view count is visible to anyone with access to the photo or video.

Clicking "I like this" allows visitors to offer quick feedback, especially when they can't think of anything clever to post as a comment. Similar to 'Views', the number of likes is visible to anyone with access to the photos or video.