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Picasa photo challenge goes to Europe!

Monday, August 2, 2010 8:00 AM

Last fall, as northern hemisphere-dwellers were enjoying the picturesque crisp days of autumn, we had an idea to host an Autumn photo challenge to uncover the hidden talents of the Picasa community. We were excited by the creativity and skill that our Picasa lovers displayed in our gallery &mdash see for yourself!

On a recent visit to Europe, we were so impressed with the architectural variety of the historical and contemporary buildings there that we were inspired to host the first Picasa Photo Challenge in Europe. We invited Dutch, French, German, Polish and Spanish communities to show off their best photo of architecture. Our Picasa community in Europe impressed and delighted us all. Unfortunately we could only choose one winner for each language group. The most ‘liked’ picture won the challenge and they are proudly featured on our Featured Photos page.

We want to thank all of our European users for their enthusiastic participation and a send a big congratulations to the winners!

ejwiersema, Dutch community

Raphael Melloul, French community

J├╝rgen, German community

Robert Mlynarczyk, Polish community

Jumy, Spanish community

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